RosActiv® Rosemary Extract


Patent No. CN201110021081.X


Rosemary extract is known to scientific circles as Rosmarinus officinalis and it is native to the Mediterranean area. Usage ofrosemary dates back to 500 B.C. when it was used as a culinary and medicinalherb by the ancient Greeks and Romans. Greek healers usedrosemary to promote liver, circulatory and digestive health. Chinese culturebelieved it was helpful for headaches and hair growth.


It’s extracted from leaves of Rosemarinus officinalis by SFE-CO2extracted.

Latin Name:Rosemarinus officinalis

Extract method: Extracted from the bark of Rosemarinus officinalis by supercritical CO2 Extraction.

Appearance: Yellow-green to brown powder or cream.

Active constituents:

The formula for standardized rosemary antioxidantextract includes, phenolics , picrosalvin,carnosic acid, carnosol,rosmarinic acid and Ursolic acid etc.

Carnosic acid25%,MW: 332.43 | MF: C20H28O4, CAS No.: 3650-09-7

Rosmarinic acid20%-90%, MW:360.31 | MF: C18H16O8, CAS No.: 20283-92-5


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